Only the best
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High quality oils, herbal bases for
liquors and spice mixtures – produced
according to traditional recipes.

Best of Nature produces high quality essential oils, oils from medicinal plants, herbal oils, spice mixtures and herbal bases for liquors according to traditional recipes. We do this with the most thorough care and only use the most natural ingredients while supporting organic and environmentally friendly farming.

At Best of Nature our products are developed according to the principles of TCM, the Traditional Chinese Medicine: yin and yang. This holistic approach is based on the idea that every single element is part of the whole. Inspired by this thought, Best of Nature developed the product range “Yin Yang” and has managed to bottle the quintessence of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Body and soul are strengthened and harmonized.

Plant distillates and organic oils

Based on the centuries old experience and expertise of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Best of Nature developed a product range called “Yin Yang”. The outcomes are 100% pure natural oils, herbal bases and spices, produced according to ancient traditional recipes.

Relaxing, inspiring and refreshing at the same time – that is how our Yin Yang bestseller presents itself: the popular Old Japanese Plant Oil, a 100% pure distillate of volcanic corn mint. The qualities of this incomparably smelling remedy are as numerous as its fields of application: as skin care, for massages or even in the kitchen – the oil activates body and soul. It is now also available as a roll-on and in organic quality. Apart from that we use our pure organic mint oil in our BON chocolate with 60% cocoa. This chocolate is an incomparable treat, as it is handmade and made from Fair Trade products.

The Chinese Herb Oil, another of our essential oils of our Yin Yang product range, has a warming and soothing effect. It is a combination of twelve different herbal essences – ideal to add it to massage oils or to aromatic baths and to use it in sports and aroma therapy.
Few oils are as well tolerated and versatile as our cold pressed jojoba oil, which therefore is extremely popular. Our South Californian Liquid Gold, an extract of the jojoba nut, is quickly absorbed by the skin due to its smooth texture. Used as massage oil or for the daily skin care, the skin is hydrated and its vitality is restored.

First class flavour with the most natural and purely organic ingredients, without animal fat - that is what Mama Natura stands for. It is a seasoning for soups and sauces, which is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as it only contains vegetable ingredients.

DIY Liquors

Liqueurs and spirits made from herbs or fruits have a long tradition. With our Bruder Ignazius (Brother Ignazius) herb, spice and fruit mixtures you can easily produce your own alcoholic beverages. The eight different flavours (Monastery Herbs, Rose Bloom, Berry Mix, Country Apple, Seabuckthorn, Power Berry, Coffea Arabica and Limoncello) allow you to experiment with different creative recipes and they are the perfect basis for delicious liqueurs and spirits.

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