Roll-on: South Californian
Liquid Gold
100 % natural jojoba oil

Perfect daily lip care:
With any order of € 50 or more
you get a practical roll-on for free.
Offer valid until the end of September.

Lips need special care, but not only in the cold season, as they cannot produce moisture by themselves. Already for a long time, jojoba has been a secret weapon in skin care. Thanks to its special, natural composition, our lip care, which consists of 100% jojoba oil, penetrates quickly and deep into the skin. Applied to the lips, the oil leaves lips soft as velvet. The South Californian Liquid Gold is unique in its composition. It moistures the skin without being greasy and gives a silky shine. It contains healing fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated alcohols, the vitamins A and E, amino acids, anti-inflammatory wax substances and natural preservatives.

Simmondsia Chinensis (100% jojoba oil) as well as a small rock crystal
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