South Californian
Liquid Gold

Only few oils are as well tolerated, versatile and therefore popular as our cold pressed jojoba oil. Its’ strength comes from a small crystal in the bottle.

  • 100 ml
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Product specification

As its consistency is quite similar to that of human skin fat, this low viscosity oil is absorbed deep into the skin and hydrates and vitalizes it for a long time. This oil has got many natural anti-aging properties. In every bottle you will find a small rock crystal which enhances the vitalizing properties of the oil.

Our South Californian Liquid Gold is appreciated because of its versatility: it defends skin damage caused by everyday environmental exposure, plays an important role in the regeneration process of the skin cells and is the perfect massage or baby oil. If you add it to your bubble bath, you will get perfectly smooth skin.
Simmondsia Chinensis
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